Robots Driven by Balyo rely on standard material handling trucks, manufactured by the global market leaders in material handling.

Using Driven by Balyo robots, you can automate 80% of your intralogistics flows, reducing operational cost and improving your bottom line.

Applications include:

SUPPLY & REMOVAL stacking, pick and drop
TRANSPORT long halls, logistics trains
SCANNING stock line, barcode

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Supply & Removal

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Stock Line Scanning

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Bar Code Scanning


The Driven by Balyo solution moves inventory to production lines, workstations, and storage areas while communicating to your WMS or ERP. Our robots are capable of detecting pallets or responding to operator commands to pick, transfer and drop goods in production lines, workstations or storage areas.

Whether smart conveyors, automatic wrapping machines, stacker cranes, robotic palletizers, etc., Driven by Balyo trucks interface with your infrastructure.


Pick and Drop

The loading/unloading of delivery and shipping bays is a time-consuming, labor-intensive task. When used in this situation, Robots Driven by Balyo enable you to dedicate your resources to other more fulfilling tasks.

Available Products   Yale  MC 10-12-15 (CB Stacker)/ MO50-70T (Tugger)  |  Hyster



Logistics Trains

Throughout the industry, logistics trains allow the transportation of trailers containing goods, raw materials or waste, hauled by a robot. Robots Driven by Balyo operate in logistics trains autonomously -controlled by ERP commands or through operator-generated commands.

Available Products  Yale  MO50-70T (Tugger)  |  Hyster  LO5.0-7.0T (Tugger)



Stock Line Scanning

Driven by Balyo trucks are equipped with a unique scanning technology, allowing them to check the availability of locations in a floor storage area. Using its front laser, the robot can scan several loading bays, detect free locations and place a pallet there.

Available Products  Yale  MPE080 (Pallet Truck) / MC 10-12-15 (CB Stacker)  |  Hyster  B80ZHD (Pallet Truck) S1.0-1.5C (CB Stacker)


Barcode Scanning

Our products can provide barcode scanning for inventory management inside your factory or warehouse.

When placed under the navigation laser, the barcode reader can trigger a transport order as soon as the robot picks up the pallet, to deliver it to the desired location. The robot then transmits the reference of the pallet in question through

Available Products  Yale  MPE080 (Pallet Truck) / MC 10-12-15 (CB Stacker)  |  Hyster  B80ZHD (Pallet Truck) S1.0-1.5C (CB Stacker)

Robots Driven by Balyo

Improve your efficiency, optimize workflow, and increase your bottom line.